About Us

The perfect balance of quality and price!

Our main objective at Zen Marketing Services is to bring high quality digital marketing services for the price possible. Why? Because most local businesses here need just that!

To be quite honest, from the viewpoint of a specialist, the online presence of most businesses in our area need a good dose of TLC. Problem is, most businesses here do not have the budget to afford premium online marketing solutions, until now!

Zen Marketing Services offers high quality online marketing solutions at an entry-level pricing! Why do we do it? Because we want to help small business in our community grow!


It's all about balance!

Françis, the man behind Zen Marketing Services, is a dedicated online marketing specialist from Caraquet, New-Brunswick. He holds a dear passion for creativity and community. He has studied IT at college then decided to take further courses to specialise in online marketing.

His specialities are design and marketing, two fundamental aspects of building a good online presence. This also allows him to hit ”2 birds with one stone” making eye catching content that is also optimised for conversions.

He’s well experienced in creating websites designed for all types of goals, from visibility to sales. He’s also quite knowledgeable in building and growing business pages on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, both organically (free) and via paid advertisement.

Conscious of the small economic status of the region, he created Zen Marketing Services to give local businesses an affordable way to increase their visibility online.

Backed by Viral Marketing Pros

All of our premium and subscription plans are backed by a whole team of expert marketers.

Viral Marketing Pros is based in Montreal, Canada, and serves clients internationally. Driven by the success of our clients, we take great pride in the content marketing and online strategies we implement to drive website traffic, convert visitors into leads and improve sales.”

Françis had the chance to get mentored by Viral Marketing Pros early on in his online marketing journey and works with them to this day.